We offer the Rogue Valley community many types of fun events: monthly gatherings, star parties, telescope building, and more! We welcome newcomers and visitors to our meetings and star parties. All our meetings and programs are free of charge. Please check the Calendar for details on upcoming events:

Our next meeting will be the Third Wednesday of March.

March 21th. 7:00 PM
North Medford Planatrium



We will welcome three student presentations from North Medford High School.
1.       Kendall Wright: the Effects of Light Pollution on Modern Society
       Brandon Shellhorn: Planetarium beautification project using Images by Sean Curry
       Coy Wimberly: The search for Planet 9 using blink software and WISE Satellite Images

For our main event we will welcome Colin White to NASA's Solar System Ambassadors Program.  Colin will provide a brief introduction to the program along with just a taste of the exciting upcoming missions this year from NASA.


 Image of the Month - Photographing the Lunar 100

 Arecibo message discussed at the January meeting.

Arecibo message discussed at the January meeting.