We offer the Rogue Valley community many types of fun events: monthly gatherings, star parties, telescope building, and more! We welcome newcomers and visitors to our meetings and star parties. All our meetings and programs are free of charge. Please check the Calendar for details on upcoming events:

The next SOS Meeting will be held Wed Dec 14th at 7 PM, in the Planetarium at North Medford High School.

Club member Steve Bosbach will talk about his tour of the Steward Observatory Mirror Lab at the University of Arizona in Tucson. This is the lab where Roger Angel first developed the spinning kiln process of thin mirror casting, spinning molten glass into a thin parabola, and now finishes the largest single piece telescope mirrors in the world.

In addition, it's time for new Southern Oregon Skywatchers club leaders to take the reins. Our Treasurer Tom Peterson has graciously volunteered to continue for another year - thanks Tom! We now need someone to organize the meeting schedule going forward, and someone to manage communications - the website, Facebook page, email list, etc. The person currently handing the communications is unable to continue in the New Year, so please come to the meeting and volunteer for this task.
We look forward to seeing you there!



Image of the Month - M2 Globular Cluster