We offer the Rogue Valley community many types of fun events: monthly gatherings, star parties, telescope building, and more! We welcome newcomers and visitors to our meetings and star parties. All our meetings and programs are free of charge. Please check the Calendar for details on upcoming events:

Our next meeting will be the Third Wednesday of January. 


January 17th. 7:00 PM
North Medford Planetarium

Daniel will discuss the Solar System Observers Program, the last step to receive the Observer pin from the Astronomical league.  Expect to get information about Earth- Moon-Sun observing, Venus, Mars, Asteroids, Jupiter, Saturn, and locating distant planets.


Then for our main presentation we will welcome Austin Smith a teacher at NMHS and the Golden Record.  NMHS Planetarium recently added a copy of the record, and in the process found a 20 year old recording of the record.  Expect to hear about the wide range of sounds sent out of the solar system to introduce ourselves.


Upcoming Meetings

We can also look forward to Sean Cury discussing the latest developments on  Exoplanet Discoveries.

Colin White will take us through a Criterian dynascope refirbishment.



 Image of the Month - Photographing the Lunar 100

Colin White,  First Moon Shot.  Photgraping the Lunar 100.

Colin White,  First Moon Shot.  Photgraping the Lunar 100.