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  • What: Club Meeting
  • Where: NMHS Planetarium
  • Date: April 22nd, 2015
  • Time: 7:00 PM

Our next meeting is scheduled for 7 PM April 22nd at the North Medford High School Planetarium. We'll start with a club meeting, and all are invited to participate. This will be followed by the second episode from new Cosmos series with Neil de Grasse Tyson, entitled "Some of the Things That Molecules Do".

Science Works in Ashland is hosting the Rogue Valley Earth Day celebration on Saturday April 25th. The Southern Oregon Skywatchers and Grants Pass Astronomy clubs will be presenting a joint Astronomy Day event at Science Works that day. Plans are still being finalized, but we will have a table at the event, with solar viewing during the day, and handouts on light pollution and other topics. Please plan to join us at Science Works for this public outreach event.

The Rose City Astronomers recently sent us an E-mail saying they were going to get rid of some donated, surplus stuff and might we want anything before they had their garage sale. We asked if there was a 120 mm refractor that we could use at star parties. Not only did they have one, they brought it to us (A friend of Dave) along with a couple of eyepieces and a small spotting scope. Dave donated a tripod with a case of the shakes and a mount. We will buy rings. It is a 120 mm Objective lens, 1,000 mm Focal Length, f 8.3, Orion “Sky View Pro”.

The scope is available to be borrowed by any club member.

The Southern Oregon Skywatchers website has an Image Gallery for display of members' astro images. If you have an image you'd like shown on the website, please email the image with a description of it and how it was taken.

We ask our members for $20.00 in dues each year to help us pay for our operating expenses (e.g., liability insurance) which make our activities possible. We cannot operate without membership support!

If your membership hasn't been paid this year, and you would like to renew it, please bring in your dues to the next star party or club meeting.

If you aren't a member and would like to support the club by becoming a member, please fill out the membership application form and bring it and $20.00 to the next star party or club meeting. Click here to learn more about the benefits of being an S.O.S. member!

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