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October Club Meeting - Southern Oregon Skywatchers

Location - North Medford High School Planetarium

October 18th 2017

Time - Starts 7:00 PM
           End     8::30 PM

First we will get an update from the NMHS HAB (High Altitude Balloon Project) group as they prepare for the 8th annual HAB conference.

Following that we will get an encore presentation from Terry Martin.  In early October Science Works held a presentation on the Cassini mission, tonight he will bring it to Skywatchers.

The Cassini Mission
Cassini, our NASA Saturn orbiter mission, just ended its life by crashing into the planet’s deep atmosphere, thus avoiding possible contamination of any of the icy moons that may harbor life in a water sea below the surface. The mission has been wildly successful, bringing us astounding pictures of the moons and mighty Saturn itself, and of course the gorgeous rings. Come hear the story and see the pictures.

Terry Martin is a retired planetary scientist who worked for 29 years at the Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, first on the Viking mission to Mars - the first successful landings there, then the Galileo orbiter at Jupiter, and later the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.