We offer the Rogue Valley community many types of fun events: monthly gatherings, star parties, telescope building, and more! We welcome newcomers and visitors to our meetings and star parties. All our meetings and programs are free of charge. Please check the Calendar for details on upcoming events:

Our next meeting will be the Third Wednesday of October. 

October 18th. 7:00 PM
North Medford Planetarium

We look forward to an exciting presentation. 

Reyna, Sarah, Apoorva will talk as the HAB (High Altitude Balloon) team prepares for 8th Annual High Alt. Balloon Conference.  Expect to hear some of the results from last summers solar eclipse.

For the main event we will have "The Cassini Mission, Exploring Saturn with Terry Martin."   

Cassini, our NASA Saturn orbiter mission, just ended its life by crashing into the planet’s deep atmosphere, thus avoiding possible contamination of any of the icy moons that may harbor life in a water sea below the surface. The mission has been wildly successful, bringing us astounding pictures of the moons and mighty Saturn itself, and of course the gorgeous rings. Come hear the story and see the pictures.

November 15th. 7:00 PM
North Medford Planetarium

So far we have on board...

NM High School Students Sam and Saxon members of the HAB team will discuss Tracking and video live stream from the August 21 2017 eclipse project. 


A Primer for Astrophotography using PixInsight by past Sean Curry.  PixInsight can be downloded for a free 45 day trial from the website below.


 Image of the Month - Solar Eclipse

Partial Solar Eclipse as Scene from Talent OR.  94%.  Aug 21, 2017

Partial Solar Eclipse as Scene from Talent OR.  94%.  Aug 21, 2017