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Our next meeting will be the Third Wednesday of April.

April 18th. 7:00 PM
North Medford Planetarium
Open to the Public

 IOTA - Asteroid occultation exaples.

IOTA - Asteroid occultation exaples.


Get ready for four fantastic presentations.

Robert Black (NMHS Astronomy teacher) will lead off with information of curret discoveries on Mars an information on two past students current projects.

Daniel Otte (AMS Science teacher) will give an Introduction to Asteroid and Lunar Occultation timing.

Sean Curry will guide all of us on constellation and object pronunciations.

Colin White is looking to update us on NASA Mars missions and the upcoming Summer Mars Opposition.



 Image of the Month - The moving Sunset.

 The moving Sunset - Winter 2018 - Talent Oregon

The moving Sunset - Winter 2018 - Talent Oregon