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Star Party and Presentation - North Mountain Park, Ashland

Star Party and Presentation:


Learn about summer constellations as well as mythology,

how to locate constellations and some interesting types of

objects found within these star patterns. Volunteers will set

up telescopes in the NMP gardens to view planets, Open

Clusters, Globular Star Clusters, Double Stars, Planetary

Nebula and even a Galaxy or two. Feel free to bring your

own telescope as well! Please register online or call the NMP

Nature Center at 541-488-6606.


WHO: Star gazers of all ages

WHAT: Enjoy a presentation about the summer

constellations and view celestial objects with volunteers

from the Southern Oregon Skywatchers

INSTRUCTOR: Daniel Otte is a teacher at Ashland Middle

School and is an amateur astronomer with Southern Oregon



AGES All ages welcome

DAY Saturday

DATE Aug 24

TIME 8:30-10:30pm

PLACE NMP Nature Center