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Dark Site - Star Party - August 31st

No previous experience required!

Starting around dusk and lasting till around midnight or when people decide to pack up.

Bring your own telescopes or use ours, and come up and view the wonders of the universe. The upper dark site, at 5000 ft elevation, offers excellent skies with little sky glow from surrounding areas.

Expect to see great views of Galaxies, Nebula, Open Clusters, Globular Clusters, and whatever planets are available. 

Please check the members page for directions.  Please turn of headlights if possible once reaching the lot, limit your use of bright flash lights (red flash lights are preferred).   

It can get cold at the dark site, please even if it is warm during the day - dress for low temperatures.  Gloves, hats, coats, warm shoes are all highly recommended.  There can also be a large number of mosquitoes depending on the season, bring bug spray.


Please check the website for weather/smoke cancellations



August 31st - 2019

Location - Upper Dark Site

Start time: Dusk (8:30 PM) - 12:00

Member Scopes available -

Open to the Public

Cost - Free